Zombie T-Rex is an alternate skin for the Lil Stomper, it costs 50,000 coins. It was added to the game in update 1.7.

Purchasing this skin enables the user to buy the Caveman outfit (using real money or randomly through S.A.M).

Appearence Edit

Zombie T-Rex has a green skin with orange teeth and exposed bones and flesh as well as blood in its jaws. It periodically makes grunting and roaring noises when ridden, and the sound of its footfalls are similar to Barry's when running through the lava segment of the lab. Instead of a rocket, to slow its descent, the Zombie T-Rex flails its legs comically. When you have Flash equipped, he appears to be in the same skin when he is equipped to Lil Stomper, but the rocket Flash is in is green.

Description Edit

"Holy balls! Barry Steakfries riding a zombie T-Rex through a science laboratory is about awesome as it gets!"

Trivia Edit

  • Zombie T-Rex is a reference from another Halfbrick game, Age of Zombies.
  • The movement of the legs of the Zombie T-Rex to jump, is similar to Yoshi's "flutter jump" from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros series.


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