Zappy Bird is an event in Jetpack Joyride that lasted December 9-14, 2015.

Gameplay Edit

Barry Steakfries is in the Profit Bird for the whole game. This event is played like the mobile game Flappy Bird, but the pipes are Zappers instead. You get a point for each Zapper you flap past. Those points are used to unlock stuff, like Fruit in Cut & Run, Gold Ingots in Bling It On!, and Flux Capacitors in Back to the Future.

Rewards Edit

  1. Gold Sleigh of Awesome or Some Coins (About 250 Or So)
  2. 5 750 M Head Start, 1000 Coins, Zombie Head Piece, Zombie Body Piece
  3. 1 Quick Revive

Name Origin Edit

This event's name is a portmanteau of Zapper, an obstacle in Jetpack Joyride, and Flappy Bird, a mobile game, hence the mechanics of this event.

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