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The Zapper is an obstacle found in Jetpack Joyride. It is the most common obstacle in-game. Rotating zappers will appear to have an orange or red glow, while normal zappers will have the usual yellow glow. The farther you go, the more zappers will appear. Also this obsticle is known for the most deaths out of all. If you hit one while riding a vehicle, the vehicle will be destroyed.

The beginning of every run, there will be 3 zappers in the same place every time. The first zapper will be on the ceiling, the second one on the ground, and the last on in the middle. The second zapper is used for the Good Work, Woody achievement.

Related MissionsEdit

  • Have a near miss with x zappers
  • Have a near miss with x zappers in one run
  • Fly above x zappers
  • Fly above x zappers in one run
  • Zigzag around x zappers

Related GadgetsEdit

Dezapinator: Deactivates some of the zappers, extremely useful for scientist runs.


  • Zappers cannot kill Flash.
  • Zappers can kill scientists if they make contact.
  • It appears every second but will not appear when you are flying through lasers.
  • Once you obtain a vehicle, all nearby zappers are immediately disabled.
  • In the Fruit Ninja's 5th Birthday update, zappers got a new look.
  • Static zappers appear bright, light yellow while rotating zappers are orange.
  • NewZapper

Missile UnbrokenMissile · NewZapperZapper · LaserLaser

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