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Wave Rider
Title Wave Rider
Ability Makes a flood and rides on the water. Coins appear more frequently. (experience)
How to Control Tap to go underwater and release to jump out of the water, tap in the air to nose dive

The Wave Rider is a new vehicle in the 1.5 Update of the game. When you update the game in the 1.5 version, you either have to wait 5 days after app installation (needs internet connection) to unlock it or pay to unlock it immediately. When you unlock Wave Rider and get it randomly on one of the Vehicle Power-Ups, first, Wave Rider will just move to the floor, then the lab suddenly floods. When the vehicle is destroyed, the flood will drain away.The Wave Rider became available May 13, 10:00, 2014


  • This is the first vehicle to make the background change.
  • This is the first vehicle to be in water.
  • For some reason, it's called "Jetski" in the "My Profile" section of The Stash (In gaming code, it's also called Jetski)
  • When equipped with Flash, he gets a Surf Board with a motor attached to it to keep up with Barry Steakfries.
  • There is a glitch on iOS where it costs $250,000 if you don't already have it.


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