Toastie Toastie
Get toasted by a missile 3 times in a row




To complete this achievement, you must be "toasted" by a missile 3 times in a row. ALOT of people thought that the way is hitting a missile, then another right after getting hit, and one more. But the way is simple. First play a game, then get hit by a missile. Repeat. Then repeat one more time. DONE!DC ffbfdcedngbegjwghebevqfvwgvwgqgwhtwbywhynht


  • The achievement name "Toastie" is a reference to when you get hit by a missile (Barry is put on fire).
    • Also, the achievement's photo is a toast on fire.
  • ALOT of people thought that the way is hitting a missile, then another right after getting hit, and one more.
    • That's on the "Strategy" section, too.
    • Tough, you don't get "double toasted" when you hit another missile right after getting hit by one.

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