The Barry Box is an alternate skin for the Crazy Freaking Teleporter, it costs 50,000 coins. It was added to the game in update 1.7.

Purchasing this skin enables the user to buy the Doctor outfit (using real money or randomly through S.A.M).

Appearence Edit

Description Edit

"The Legitimate Scientists took 'mobile phone' a little TOO literally."

Trivia Edit

  • The Barry Box is a reference to the Doctor's TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) from Doctor Who. It has written on the top, "BARRYBOX", instead of the words "Police Public Call Box".
  • Flash has a helmet, similar to the top segment of the Barry box.
  • The teleportation doesn't take place by 'zapping' like the orginal but disappears and appears with a white light.


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