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Tee Hee Two Tee Hee Two
Collect exactly 69 coins

This is a Secret Achievement.




Try collecting coins up to around 60, then pick off individual coins that are in easy shapes. The top of an arrowhead, for example, produces exactly one coin and is rather easy to grab. You can also score 69 from a coin cluster with a bit of luck. Plan ahead and it shouldn't be too hard.

Another strategy is to equip the gadgets Token Gift and Flying Piggy. Collect your token and use small grabs to collect coins up to or just below 19. You can pick up the single coins dropped by a piggy to collect the exact number. Once you "end your game" cash out the token for 50 coins, giving you 69. You may want to fly over the piggy first to avoid collecting extra coins accidentally.

The coin formation made up of three small ovals totals exactly 69 coins when you collect them all. This is because each 'oval' consists of 23 coins.

Note: This achievement is possible after you have bought the counterfeit machine. The Counterfeit Machine does not interfere with missions of any sort.

It is easier by collecting coins at the start when you are slower to be more precise.


  • "69" refers to a certain joke shared by the sillier part of the world.
  • The "two" in the achievement's name is a reference to the Fruit Ninja achievement of the same name.

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