"Protect yourself from zappers, lasers, and missiles with this high-tech force field."

The Shield is a power-up that gives the player protection from obstacles in the form of shields. The shields appear in the form of a blue orb around the player, and when the player is hit, one shield is removed. When all remaining shields are removed, the orb dissipates and the power-up is removed from the player. Mothera orbit glaxing how was barry


Level Cost Shields (Hits)
1 7,500 1
2 45,000 2
3 185,000 3
4 625,000 4
5 1,200,000 5

Trivia Edit

  • If the player already has an active Shield, another Shield will not spawn until the current Shield is removed from the player.
  • Vehicles cannot obtain a Shield, and if the player has a Shield before mounting a vehicle, the vehicle will not inherit the Shield of the player. Shields will not spawn while the player is riding a vehicle.
  • The total cost to upgrade the Shield to level 5 is 2,062,500 Coins.