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The scientists in the Gadget Testing videos.


A scientist

Scientists are the main antagonists in Jetpack Joyride. However, they are not playable (except from the hazmat helmet and suit in the stash), and are only used for aesthetic purposes. Despite not affecting Barry, they activate the lasers, missiles and zappers to kill Barry and are involved in a few missions as well. They themselves can also be killed by these things, including the Jetpack. They come in variations:

  • Gas Mask:
    • Fat,
    • Skinny,
    • Small Fat,
    • Small skinny,
    • Long fat,
    • Long skinny,
    • Small gas mask
    • Yellow Gloves
    • Blue Gloves
  • Hazmat Suit:
    • Fat,
    • Skinny,
    • Small fat,
    • long fat,
    • small skinny,
    • long skinny
    • Yellow Gloves
    • Blue Gloves
  • Android
    • Only seen in the Android verison

The Scientists pose no threat none whatsoever, in fact, they flee in terror from any jetpack (with the exception of the Rainbow Jetpack, DIY Jetpack and the Golden Piggy Pack , which causes them to run towards Barry). The scientists can be short, tall, thin and fat, they may also have either a clear visor or gas mask.

Barry can also "leer" at the scientists using the X-Ray Specs.

They are featured in a few missions, in which the player must either

  • High-five a certain number of scientists, which is just walking past them in gameplay.
  • Reach a certain distance without harming any scientists.

Scientists are affected by the following Gadgets

  • Nerd Repellant: clears the lab of all scientists, leaving only tumbleweed in their place.
  • X-Ray Specs: Barry can "leer" at the scientists
  • Freeze-O-Matic: freezes them solid if Barry passes them while frozen.
  • Flash: may be knocked over by him.

They are featured in two challenges :

  •  Germophobe: You must run 2,000 meters without touching coins, tokens or scientists.
  • Do It For Science: You must kill 1,000 scientists, normally by using the Machine Gun Jetpack.

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