SAM prize

The mystery prize about to be revealed.

Each time you finish a Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.) ride, you get a prize.

Standard PrizesEdit

SAM week1
SAM week3
SAM week2
7500 coins

Coin reward, day 5th.

Throughout the course of five days you will be awarded different prizes for using S.A.M.

Day 1: Head Start, or 500 coins

Day 2: Final Blast, or 1000 coins

Day 3: Super Head Start, a Quick Revive, or 3000 coins

Day 4: Super Head Start (five pack), Quick Revive (five pack), Final Blast (five pack) or 5000 coins

Day 5: Random costume piece, 7500 coins if all costume pieces are unlocked.

S.A.M. CostumesEdit

If you will take a S.A.M. ride five days in a row, you will get an exclusive costume item! There are 23 complete costumes and 1 optional costume to collect but there are 46 costumes pieces and 2 optional costume pieces to collect. You can automatically get a costume piece by paying £1.99 Uk pounds.

  • Angel Outfit
  • Astronaut Suit
  • Bath Time Barry Outfit
  • Bomber Outfit
  • Caveman Outfit
  • Cowboy Outfit
  • Crab Costume
  • Devil Costume
  • Digitized Duds
  • Doctor's Outfit
  • Football Uniform
  • Futuristic Outfit
  • General Moustache
  • Indiana Jones Outfit
  • Lunar Scout Outfit
  • Mime Outfit
  • Pilot Suit
  • Polar Outfit
  • Scallywag Suit
  • Snowman Costume
  • Tron Light Suit
  • Viking Outfit
  • Wizard Outfit
  • Wonder Woman Outfit
  • God's Costume*
*The God's Costume is a DLC costume due to main vehicle Sleigh of Awesome being a DLC that cost money.