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QuoteopenThe latest in rainbow harnessing technology, the rainbow jetpack defies physics with style.Quoteclose

The Rainbow Jetpack is a Jetpack that uses the power of rainbows to propel Barry Steakfries into the air. It is a white jetpack with two rainbow-shooting boosters. This jetpack is needed for the achievement Hippy that requires you to do a single run with the Rainbow Jetpack without collecting any coins. The easiest way to get this is to get the Rainbow Jetpack and die as fast as you can.


  • This jetpack used to be the only one that doesn't change reactions to the scientists. Later, more other jetpacks does the same, usually those that are harmless.
  • This jetpack has a gold-plated variant, the Golden Rainbow Jetpack.
  • Setting the date to 14th of May 2013 makes it cheaper.
  • Because rainbows are actually refracted light, it would be physically impossible to use light as a propulsion device, because light has no mass; This is presumably why the descripton says it "Defies physics with style".


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