QuoteopenWe are not really sure what the power level of this hair is. It's probably a lot.Quoteclose

The Powered Up Hair is a clothing in Jetpack Joyride. It is basically the head of Goku, a character from the Dragon Ball series. The second part of the clothing is the Super Suit, which can be bought for 8,000 coins.


  • This is a Super Saiyan's hair from Dragon Ball Z.
  • The cost for this clothing (9,001 coins) is a reference to the Internet meme "It's Over 9000!".
  • The description is also a direct reference to the Dragon Ball series, in which Vegeta states that Goku's power level is "Over 9000!," which, supposedly, is 'a lot.'
  • When Barry Steakfries dies the golden hair color will revert back to Barry's default hair. (Same fashion in Dragon Ball Z)
  • It is the only item that costs an extra coin (all other items end in zero). Memes easter eggs

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