A Mission Complete pass is where if bought from The Stash, it automatically completes a mission for you. The price depends on the number of stars the mission has. 1 star for $500, 2 for $1000, 3 for $1500. (Used to be $5000, $10000 and $20000)

You will be rewarded the stars, and can possibly level up, upon your next finished game.

After recent updates skip buttons now appear next to the missions shown when you pause your game and you purchase the passes there (or as one of the update details said, "Stuck on a mission? Skip that sucker from the Pause menu for just 500 coins per star!"), although they weren't removed from The Stash until the latest updates.


  • Interestingly enough, it is possible to "buy" 2 missions at once for only 5,000 coins, as the "Buy a new item in The Stash" mission includes getting a 'Mission Complete' pass.
  • This means that you can buy a pass for a different mission and get both passes at the same time (tested).
  • Using this method to complete a mission can save you 1000 coins from buying both passes.
  • After the latest updates, if you've already purchased EVERY SINGLE Outfit, Jetpack, Gadget and Power-up the only way for you to complete the "Buy a new item in The Shop" mission is to pay coins to skip it or as mentioned above pay for another mission to be completed.