(coming soon) Easter EggzanzaA License to ThrillA Man, My Son
AchievementsActually FreeAir Barrys
Alley-Oop AfroAlpha Charlie EchoAmped Up '85 Guitar Jetpack
Angel WingsAngelic HairAngry Wings
Another Way InAquatic RoomBack to the Future
Bad As HogBadgesBarry's Head
Barry's Stitched Up SuitBarry's SuitBarry Steakfries
Beehive JetpackBig SpenderBlack Trench Coat
Blast Off JetpackBling It On!Blinged Out
Bomber JacketBone DragonBoost
Bubble Gun JetpackBubblesBullseye
Cash DashChariot of HarmonyChrome Plated Afterburner
Class ActClass actClassy Suit
ClothingCloud NineClown Face
Clown ShoesCoin MagnetCoins
ColossatronComeback CheatCounterfeit Machine
Cowboy SpursCracklingCrazy Freaking Skills
Crazy Freaking TeleporterCut & RunDIY Jetpack
DJ BarryDJ HeadphonesDates
DeLorean Time MachineDeck the HallsDevilish Horns
Devilish SuitDezapinatorDiamond
Doc Emmet Brown suitDoc Emmett Brown HeadDoctor Emmet Brown Head
Doctor Emmett Brown BodyDouble CoinsDragon Fruit
Easter EggsEzy-Dodge MissilesFallout
Final BlastFinal SpinFlash
Flowery LeiFlux CapacitorsFlying Goggles
Flying PigFlying PiggyFlying V Jetpack
Foam PartyFor ScienceFragger Fatigues
Fragger HelmetFree RideFreeze-O-Matic
FruitFruit JetpackFuzzy Locks
GermaphobeGods headGold Digger
Gold Plated Shark Head JetpackGold Platinum MGJPGolden Cuddles
Golden Piggy PackGood Work, MuscatGood Work, Sierra
Good Work, WoodyGrass SkirtGravity Belt
Gravity SuitGreen Eggs and HamGreen Mohawk
HalfbrickHalfbrick StudiosHalloween Event
Happy SnapHazmat HelmetHazmat Suit
Head StartHeartbreak HairHelicopter Jetpack
Helmet-a-tronHigh Noon HatHigh Roller
High SectorsHigh scoresHippy
Honest PhilHover HogHoverboard
In-App PurchasesInsta-BallJack O Lantern Jetpack
Jailhouse JacketJames Who?Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride/TipsJetpack Joyride 1.3Jetpack Joyride Wiki
JetpacksJungle RoomJust a Little Further
KachingKingly CrownKnight Helmet
Lab CoatLaserLaser Jetpack
Laser ScreenLast Badge of CollectionLeaf Blower Jetpack
Legitimate ResearchLegitimate ScienceLil' Chomper
Lil' StomperLucky LastMachine Gun Jetpack
Magnet ManMagnetic TokensMake Up
MarathonMecha MicroMedieval Armour
Mild MissilesMissileMissile Jammer
Mission Complete PassMissionsMix 'N' Match
Mix 'n' MatchMr. CuddlesMy Profile
Nerd GlassesNerd RepellantNinja Mask
Ninja OutfitNo laser glitch (have coins and rocket)Not So Green
Notifications.ObstaclesPaper Bag
Party JetpackPhonographPowered Up Hair
Pretty WomanProfit BirdPunk Outfit
Purple DressQuick ReviveRainbow Jetpack
Random JetpackRankRank 1-Learner
Red Barry JetpackRed Scientist BaseRejected
Road TripRobo-BarryRocket Time
Romeo Alpha DeltaRoyal RobesS.A.M. Prizes
S.A.M. tokensSafety HelmetSailor's Cap
Sailor's UniformSanta HatSanta Suit
ScientistScientistsSecret Achievements
Sector 1Sector 10Sector 16
Sector 2Sector 3Sector 4
Sector 5Sector 6Sector 7
Sector 8Sector 9Sectors 11+
Sensei's HeadbandSensei's ThreadsShark Head Jetpack
ShieldSkeletonSkeleton Body
Skull HeadSleigh of AwesomeSnow Machine Jetpack
Special Gadget CombinationsSpice of LifeSpin Token
Spin TokensSpray Gun JetpackSteam Powered Jetpack
Storage RoomStrong Arm MachineStrong Arm Tactics
Super Head StartSuper SuitTeddy Jetpack
Tee Hee TwoThe Barry BoxThe Brick
The ShopThree Point ThreadsToastie
Token GiftTop HatTraditional Jetpack
Turbo BoostTwister JetpackUtilities
Vehicle PickupsVehicle SkinsVehicles
Version HistoryVeteranViking Outfit
Volcanic LabWalkiesWater Jetpack
Wave RiderWhoa HairWolf Body
Wolf HeadWonder TiaraWooden Barrel
Work ClothesX-Ray SpecsZapper
Zappy BirdZombie BodyZombie Head
Zombie T-Rex

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