The Hoverboard was a vehicle that could only be obtained for a limited time while playing the event Back to the future. However, if you bought the Back to the future forever pack for $12.99, you could obtain this vehicle in regular gameplay at any time. Like most vehicles, you can upgrade it with a coin magnet.

The Hoverboard is pink with a yellow rectangle in the middle. It has some kind of boosters on the bottom that give it the ability to jump in the air. You can jump twice as high if you double tap.

There was a glitch that it would not let you equip its coin magnet. The same happened with the DeLorean Time Machine. Both these glitches were fixed in 1.8.9.

Descriptions Edit

"The personal levitation transportation device of choice for the discerning futurist." - The Stash's Description of Hoverboard

"If having a hoverboard is not cool enough, we gave it a coin magnet to up its attraction level!" - The Stash's Description of Hoverboard Magnet

Trivia Edit

  • The hoverboard is one of the two vehicles from the "Back To The Future" event
  • This and the DeLorean Time Machine were the first vehicles to have glitched out coin magnets; you couldn't equip them. The glitched magnets were fixed in 1.8.9. They are also the first vehicles to be sponsored by a movie.
  • This vehicle is the closest vehicle to actually exist in real life. A real life hoverboard and this hoverboard have many differences, but the concepts are alike.
  • This and the DeLorean Time Machine are the only two vehicles without Skins.

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