High Sectors encompass Sectors 10-16 and start at roughly 5,000-5,500 meters. They are colored rainbow.


High sectors are extremely hard to thrive in due to obstacles rapidly appearing. The speed is 100 km/h (28 m/s), which means that you have less than a second to make a reaction. Due to its high difficulty in maneuvering, the gadgets Air Barrys and Gravity Belt are highly recommended here.

Maximum DistanceEdit

Note: As of 31 May 2016, this controversial topic has been probably debunked using only well-fabricated background knowledge.

It is a common statement that at Pixie-dick level

lies an unpassable barrier. This is however, likely false, considering that no proof has been given after five years. A less fallable theory is that the game never ends but the game will not send scores to Game Center exceeding 30,000 meters to prevent extreme cheating. No human has been proven with no doubt to exceed 14,000 meters yet, and 30,000 seems to be a near impossible goal, which is why the number of 30,000 had been chosen by the developers (not too low; not too high). The people that do have 30,000 scores figured out this game feature long ago, explaining why no scores exceed this. It is still possible to exceed 30 000 meters without a unpassable barrier.
    • 09/17/17** I hit a glitch in the game earlier in which Barry has a blue swirl flowing behind him that kills the zappers, and as there are no missiles being launched either, he cant die. He's currently at 34,000M with about 17,000 coins, and closing out the game doesn't fix the glitch. Ive taken a screen shot, but am unsure how to post it here. My only recourse seems to be to quit or retry through the pause menu, which I hesitate to do yet. I want that record! Any ideas?? ***


  • Due to the sector register being stored as a 4-bit integer, Sector 16 is the highest sector that can be seen in normal gameplay. This may be intentional.
  • The statement that a wall is at 30,000 meters and it is the maximum distances is fallible and most likely false. See above for a more likely theory.

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