High Sectors encompass Sectors 10-16 and start at roughly 5,000-5,500 meters. They are colored rainbow.


High sectors are extremely hard to thrive in due to obstacles rapidly appearing. The speed is 100 km/h (28 m/s), which means that the player has a pretty low window to react. Due to its high difficulty in maneuvering, the gadgets Air Barrys and Gravity Belt are highly recommended here, so long as the player can make good use of them.

Maximum DistanceEdit

It used to be a common statement that at 30,000 meters lies an unpassable barrier. No actual evidence exists regarding that theory's validity. It is important to mention that all top scores on Google Play leaderboards do not exceed 30,284 meters. The top 5 players have recorded a distance of 30,283 to 30,284 meters, potentially meaning there is a threshold on the distance traveled preventing the player from exceeding 30,000 meters by building unpassable zapper walls. Due to the Shield power-up, it may take up to 5 hits onto zapper walls for the player to die.

Theory BreakdownEdit

Supposing that at 30,000 meters the zapper walls begin, to explain the 284 extra meters, it could be considered that the player, having 5 shield stacks right before the zapper walls, loses one shield stack per 25 meters as that is the hypothetical distance between each zapper wall starting from 30,000 meters, meaning they have all their stacks lost at the 30,100th meter. Then, the next zapper wall is at 30,125 meters, at which the player will die, giving them another 159 meters at most depending on the Y location at death.

Should this theory be true, the actual maximum limit could be even higher as the player could have Insta-Ball gadget equipped, giving an even greater distance during death. Yet, no player has seemingly achieved that. Assuming they have Air Barrays and Gravity Belt for survivability and do not change any of the two for another, it is possible to also equip the Insta-Ball along with the two aforementioned gadgets since the game offers a third gadget slot that can be purchased with real money.


  • It is potentially intentional to cap the sector count at 16 since it is equal to 24 which is a binary number, referring to the usage of binary in computing science which is connected to programming.
  • There are recorded gameplays of players surpassing 30,000 meters by a lot, yet it is suspsected that they are hacked. Another possibility is that these gameplays were recorded using older versions of the game where this feature was not implemented.