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Gravity Belt
Title Get down faster like the Air Barrys.
Cost 5,000 Coins
Ability Pulls down to ground faster than usual.

QuoteopenMakes the ground come at you a lot faster than usual. Be sure to bend your knees when you land.Quoteclose

This gadget somehow makes gravity stronger, so Barry falls much more quickly. Especially useful for avoiding diagonal Zappers. But, although it helps with some zappers, one much be careful around horizontal Zappers, or Lasers, because Barry may fall into the laser/zappers, and in inexperienced hands, the player may accidentally force Barry to fly too high and get caught in a laser that way.

The Air Barrys can do jump high,and the Gravity Belt only has to ability to force Barry to get down!

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit

  • Combine with Insta-Ball for Serious Bounce.
    • When used together, the gravity belt will make the initial bounce of the ball fall much faster, making the ball bounce much further.
  • Combine with Air Barrys for High Mobility.

Video TrailerEdit

Jetpack Joyride 100:46

Jetpack Joyride 1.3 - Gadgets Update "Gravity Belt"

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