Double CoinsEdit

Double coins are dark orange in color. They can be obtained by the final spin. Each coin is worth double. Gems are also worth double their normal worth, which is 10 coins each.

When the player has purchased the Coin Doubler (previously Counterfeit Machine), all coins are doubled at the end of the run, effectively making each individiual coin collected in the game worth 4 coins and each gem worth 20 coins.

It is recommended that the player uses the Coin Magnet and the Gemology gadgets to increase the earned coins count.


  • Getting double coins in the Final Spin prevents the player from earning a Head Start in that game.
  • Despite the different colorization of the coins in a game with double coins, gems still have the same color.
  • In a run with double coins, the coin counter on the top left corner will have the dark orange colored coin image.
    • The actual coin counter numbers keep the same color though.