Diamonds were a currency that could only be obtained for a limited time while playing the event Bling It On. While playing the event, some coins were replaced with diamonds worth three times the value. While they are less valuable than gems, they appear more often, making them a more reliable source of money. With the Gemology gadget active, both gems and diamonds can replace normal coins.

During Bling It On, large diamonds were also scattered throughout the lab in place of coin groups, each worth 20 coins.

Trivia Edit

  • While playing the event Bling it On, coins and diamonds appeared in various new coin structures, such as the shapes of a strain of DNA, the word "DIAMONDS", rhombuses, huge diamonds, and the dollar symbol.gfgdf
  • Having the gadgets Coin Magnet shump and Gemology active, winning Next Run Double, having the Counterfeit Machine, and playing the event will earn you the most coins possible.kghntdsfnsfnfsbfsgnfsnfs
  • Diamonds are the first, and by far the only, currency that lasted for a limited time and could help rvbnvdnfyou buy items in the Stash.