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" This clever gizmo emits a special frequency that causes nearby Zappers to pop. It's just a prototype so don't expect it to work all the time."

- Description

The Dezapinator is a Gadget that is first introduced in Update 1.3.5 released on May 24, 2012. This gadget randomly disables nearby Zappers. This gadget has a 10% chance to disable each Zapper, and is thus considered to be very beneficial, due to the fact that numerous Zappers appear when players are very far and when riding Vehicles. Its icon is an image of a partly destroyed Zapper.


  • According to the description, the Dezapinator is considered to be a "prototype", which shows that the gadget does not guarantee all Zappers to be disabled. The same applies for the Missile Jammer.
  • Using "Quality Control" ( combination of Missile Jammer and Dezapinator ) makes both obstacles less harmful and more preventable, which can result to high scores and new distance bests.

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