DeLorean Time Machine was a vehicle that could only be obtained for a limited time when playing the event Back to the future. However, if you bought the Back to the Future forever pack for $9.99, you can obtain this vehicle in regular gameplay at any time. Like most vehicles, you can upgrade it with a coin magnet.

As its names states, this is a 1985 DeLorean that can fly because of it's wheels turned upside down that have fire blasting out of them. When charging, a blue light gets heavier and brighter, up to the point where it goes very fast forward and leaves a fire trail behind. Once it reappears, blue hologram-like models of the vehicle appear twice before the actual vehicle itself appears out of thin air, and continues to move. It has future-like mechanism in the back of the hood, which probably causes the vehicle to move forward fast.

There was a glitch where you couldn't equip the DeLorean Time Machine magnet or the Hoverboard magnet. This was fixed in 1.8.9.

Descriptions Edit

"You will be yelling Great Scott as you create a temporal displacement in the space time continuum in this awesome DeLorean Time Machine!" - The Stash's Description of DeLorean Time Machine

"One of the many advantages of owning a time machine is that you don't have to wait around for coin magnet technology to evolve." - The Stash's Description of DeLorean Time Machine Magnet

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first vehicle to affect the speed of missiles, as they seem to freeze.
  • If you use Ezy-Dodge Missiles while riding the DeLorean, Missiles go INSANELY SLOW!!!
  • This and the Hoverboard are the only vehicles without skins.

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