Coins are the main currency in Jetpack Joyride. They can be used to purchase new Jetpacks, Gadgets, Clothing and Utilities. They can also upgrade vehicles with magnetism, and make them golden. Coins are earned by picking them up in a game, winning them in the Final Spin and daily S.A.M. Challenge reward, cashing in Spin Tokens, and leveling up (Starts at 200 and adds 200 for each level until the 15th level, which is 3,000 coins. Once reset title, it starts back at 200 again and it repeats over 15 levels). They may also be bought with real money.


  • Coins can be doubled by purchase Counterfeit Machine for $4.99, or spin a Spin Token and get Double Coins for 1 turn. Double coins are similarly colored to (Shark Head Jetpack) bullets.
  • Coins come in several patterns, shapes and even words. Some of them are hearts, triangles and the words HB (short for Halfbrick), BARRY and COINS!!!
    • Gravity Suit's coin patterns can be shown as an up and down symbol.
    • S.A.M.'s coin patterns can be a strain of DNA and the word DEFEND.
    • Back to the Future exclusive patterns can be the words HEAVY, McFly, BIFF, 88mph, 20 15, and more.
  • When coins are doubled by buying Double Coins or winning it in the Prize Slot Machine coins change to a dark-orange color.

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