Chariot of Harmony is an alternate skin for the Sleigh of Awesome, it costs 20,000 coins. It was added to the game in update

Purchasing this skin enables the user to buy the outfit (using real money or randomly through S.A.M).


The reindeer are now pink pegasi. The sleigh is now a purple chariot with a star and 2 wings (the right one is hidden). When using Flash, Flash gets wings. He can jump a little higher. The ability added is that you make a rainbow behind you, while flying.

Description Edit


  • May be a reference to the cartoon, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic."
  • When using Flash, he gets wings.
  • BUG: If you touch the ground and, instantly, press to fly, the pegasi, in mid-air, start moving their feet like they are walking. This remains on until you press to fly again.
  • When using this skin, the music changes.
  • Even if the unicorns touch a zapper or missile, the vehicle breaks, so don't think "the pegasi don't die".
  • RARELY, you can die by your character being hit, this happens because when you tap to fly, first the front unicorn goes up, then the one behind him, then the chariot.


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