"Spawns valuable Coin trails in the middle of a run. Cha-ching!"

Cash Dash is a power-up that will spawn a Flying Pig and nullify all obstacles during its duration. The Flying Pig will fly in front of the player and leave behind a trail of Coins and Gems (even without Gemology). After flying a certain amount, it will stop in place and the player will be able to smash it. When the pig is smashed, it will drop coins and gems similarly to the Flying Pig, but drop a lot more.


Level Cost Total Coins Trail Length
1 250 250 60 meters
2 13,500 392 80 meters
3 65,000 558 100 meters
4 225,000 756 120 meters
5 625,000 1000 150 meters

Trivia Edit

  • Cash Dash will prevent obstacles from spawning during its duration, making it very useful to travel an extra few hundred meters.
  • Paired with the Double Coins powerful from the Slot Machine, the player can easily earn upwards of 1000 Coins from one Cash Dash.
  • The total cost to upgrade Cash Dash to level 5 is 928,750 Coins.