QuoteopenBarry's flown to the tailor and got his suit fixed up! Unlock it by watching the Jetpack Joyride music video!Quoteclose

This 'body', available from the version 1.7 update, is a variation of the default one given when you get the game. The counterpart piece is most likely still Barry's Head.

The music video must be accessed from the 'watch' button in the item's description box for it to count. The song in the music video is a Rock Opera(?) called 'Shirt Sleeves', and uses the same animation style as the trailer for the game.

When Barry jetpacks into a Zapper, Laser, or Missile, the sleeves of the suit fall off, but a Second Chance or Quick Revive will put the sleeves back on.

Barry's stitched up suit

Barry's Stitched Up Suit


  • If you watch the trailer of the game, you can see that Barry starts off with a suit, but then rips off the sleeves.
  • He rips off the sleeves multiple times in the music video, and the song implies he has an OCD that compels him to do so.
  • If the viewer looks closely at the toy Barry plays with (the scene showing him tearing his sleeve), they will see it as the new Cuddles skin, Collosatron.

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