Angry Wings Angry Wings
Get the Profit Bird twice in one game.

Angry Wings is an achievement in Jetpack Joyride. You unlock this achievement by obtaining the Profit Bird two times in a single game.




The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to purchase and equip the Free Ride gadget. You can find out more about this gadget by clicking its' name above. Start a game and you will break through the wall already in a vehicle. If that vehicle is not the Profit Bird, quit the game and start again.

When you finally break through the wall in a Profit Bird, destroy it as soon as possible by flying it into a Zapper or a Missile. Keep on going until you encounter a Vehicle Pickup. If the pickup is not a Profit Bird, destroy it as soon as possible. Keep on doing this until you finally get a Profit Bird. If you already got a Profit Bird after blasting through the wall and you die before you get the achievement, quit/replay the game before the clock is up. When you play again, the Profit Bird gadget will always be picked if you keep replaying the game before the clock is up after you die.

Tips Edit

You can equip the X-Ray Specs gadget to see which Vehicle Pickup contains a Profit Bird.
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